PDPL, ISMS Consultancy


PDPL (Personal Data Protection Law) consultancy can provide consultancy in 3 different ways:

  1. PDPL Legal (Administrative Measure) Consultancy

  2. PDPL Process Consultancy

  3. PDPL Technical Consultancy

PDPL Legal (Administrative Measure) Consultancy

It is a PDPL consultancy service that enables companies to take administrative measures and carry out all of their legal transactions. Legal consultants form the necessary policies together with the data supervisor.
Data supervisors are selected people who determine the purposes of processing personal data and how they will be processed into the data recording system.

 PDPL consultancy, for administrative measures;

  1. The preparation of personal data system is one of the basic conditions of being in harmony in the legal implementation of all systems that must be registered.

  2. Regulating the institutional policy of the institution, organization or company in accordance with the law, having access permission, ensuring information security, the durations of use of personal data, protecting or deleting personal data, all processes of destruction should be specified under administrative measures.

  3. The transactions between the data supervisor and the data supervisor or the data supervisor and the data processor are protected under legal agreements.

  4. Personal data increases compliance with the protection law by determining the privacy commitments and explicit consent.

  5. Thanks to PDPL legal consultancy, in-house periodic or random inspections are provided.

  6. Risk assessments are made with PDPL consultancy services.

  7. The addition of provisions in accordance with the law, the employment contract and disciplinary regulation are in the legal process.

  8. Crisis management under corporate communication, informing processes of real or legal persons and reputation management are under administrative measures.

  9. Education and awareness activities with PDPL consultancy

  10. The process of submitting the necessary information of the institution to the registry information system by the data supervisors is carried out in the legal consultancy of the PDPL.

PDPL Process Consultancy

It is the stage formed with the consultancy of the protection of personal data and where the lawyers organize the processes in the institution in line with the policies followed. All required inventories technically are determined in this process.

The data with consultancy on the protection of personal data law becomes ready by taking its final form by creating the details of the inventories and making the detailed report ready for classification (storage, deletion related to the protection of personal data that the organization needs to publish, making legal agreements and forms compatible with PDPL through the documentation process, creation of explicit consent text and clarification texts).

Technical Consultancy for Personal Data

The most important and critical measures of institutions are formed by technical measures. Technical measures with consultancy, authorization matrix and authorization control, access logs, user account management, creating a wall with network and application security, an encryption technique, control with a penetration test, intrusion detection and prevention systems, log recording operations, data masking, and creating software to prevent data loss, backup systems, current antivirus systems,  deletion, destruction or anonymization of data, key management are under technical measures. 

ISMS ISO27001 Consultancy 

ISO 27001 is a management system designed to effectively and accurately protect information assets, minimize the possibility of illegal access to the information assets, and provide adequate and proportional security controls. ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate helps you to manage and protect your information assets.

ISO 27001 was developed ''to provide a model for the establishment, application, operation, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improvement of an information security management system''. ISO 27001 uses a risk management-based approach and is technology-neutral. The specification defines a six-part planning process:

Define a security policy.
Define the scope of the ISMS.
Perform a risk assessment.
Manage the risks identified.
Select the control targets and controls to apply.
Prepare an applicability statement.

Why ISO 27001?

 ▪ With ISO 27001, you provide legal requirements.
▪ ISO 27001 enables you to protect sensitive and confidential information and manage them properly.
▪ ISO 27001 minimizes risks, detects system deficiencies and weaknesses, and takes precautions.
 ▪ With ISO 27001, you get partners and gain customer confidence because information assets are protected.
▪ With ISO 27001, you become the priority supplier in the criteria sought.
▪ With ISO 27001, you will be known at the national and international levels and have a voice in the market.

Its benefits are as follows:

 Increased reliability and security of systems and information
Enhanced customer and partner trust
 Increased business flexibility
 Compliance with customer requirements
 Integration with advanced management processes and corporate risk strategies

With ISO 27001 Information Security Management System consultancy, we aim to reduce your risks and ensure the continuity of your business in a more beneficial way. Guided by ISO 27001 which is the international information security management system standard, we help you establish a sustainable management system with our trainings aiming to increase the awareness of your employees.

We aim to prepare your company for the ISO 27001 certification audit completely and in the best way by implementing all ISO 27001 ISMS processes together with you. With this systematic approach, it is aimed to raise awareness on the subject, determine the scope of the ISMS, and protect sensitive information, taking into account the employees who are in information security and their work processes.

With our consultancy service, we ensure that our customers receive ISO 27001 certificates by carrying out all kinds of tests, training, analysis, documentation and application studies that will enable them to comply with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard. Together with receiving the certificate, we keep the ISMS process up-to-date with routine tests and analyses throughout the year in line with the request of our customers.

Who should have ISO 27001 Standard?

An organization operating in the public sector or private sector, regardless of its size, will have the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate and reach the level to meet its needs in all sizes with ISO 27001 standards. Considering the sectoral distribution, all firms such as the firms working in real estate, agriculture, food, construction, mining, automotive, chemistry, energy, transportation, wholesale, finance and banking, aviation, medicine, information, electronics, retail and public sectors can increase their standards by using this document.

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