MasterTech IT Technologies

MASTERTECH was established with the mission of following new technologies on behalf of its customers, using the innovations brought by the technology to achieve their goals, managing IT processes on behalf of them, and making them focus on their own business.

In constantly changing and developing markets, it determines the technologies which are suitable for the real needs in order for its customers to make a difference in tough competitive environments, and offers solutions and services that will save time and money.

MASTERTECH firstly contributes to the development of its country, employees, business partners and customers with its solutions and services without compromising ethical values.

Together with its experienced team who have 20+ years of knowledge and industry experience, thanks to the dynamism of working with different business partners, different customer segments, different products, and services and the ability to adapt to change, it carries out successful projects. One hundred percent customer satisfaction is targeted in all completed projects.


  • Boutique "System Integrator"
  • Next-generation technologies and end-to-end value-added solutions
  • Brand-independent Maintenance and Support services
  • Wide range of products, solutions and services
  • Expertise in engineering and technology
  • Experience in the local market
  • Service understanding that creates customer loyalty


To be the preferred IT company in Turkey and near geography offering a new generation of technologies and value-added services in the IT sector.


To provide all necessary technology solutions that will enable our customers to reach their goals and to manage IT processes on their behalf.

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