Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solution

Zabbix is a complete monitoring solution that stands out among IT infrastructure monitoring systems with its features such as low resource usage, creating high-quality visual elements, working by reading data from different sources, communication with or without an agent, IT SLA measurement, IT Business dashboard, mobile device integration.

It is possible to collect almost unlimited types of data from your server and network systems with Zabbix. High-performance real-time monitoring means tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines, and network devices can be monitored simultaneously.

Factories can establish systems that can monitor all of their central and distant points in all branches of the merchandising and retail sector from a single source, and can respond to all your growth and expansion needs with the same performance with its scalable structure.

Apart from storing and reporting the data collected from the systems, it also has visualization features (executive summaries, maps, graphs, screens, etc.) and can also use very flexible methods in analyzing the collected data.

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