Local and Wide Network Solutions

Local Area Network (LAN)

It is also known as Local Network Connection. They are structures that consist of connecting devices that are located close to each other, such as the same room, building or zone, with the same communication line. Apart from Servers and Computers, all hardware with Ethernet cards such as Network Printers, External Storage Devices, Card readers, Fingerprint readers, IP Cameras can join the LAN. All networks in which "Ethernet" technology is used can be defined as a Local area network (LAN). LAN-type networks usually consist of switches, Ethernet cards, Wi-Fi and UTP cables.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Network (WAN) are large network structures that are physical or logical that help enable multiple devices to communicate mutually. They operate at lower speeds than other types of networks. They consist of a combination of LANs at different points. Connections can even be international. "Ethernet" technology cannot be used in WAN connections, except for "MetroEthernet" technology.  Although MetroEthernet technology is very new, today WAN connections are mostly used in connection technologies such as ADSL, VDSL2 FrameRelay, ATM, G.SHDSL, Satellite that can work in long distances. Unlike the local network, Router devices are used in wide area networks.

We can give the Internet as an example of WAN, computers in each house create a LAN, and the Internet is formed by the combination of these LANs. Namely, WAN is formed by the combination of LANs.

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