Backup Solutions

With our backup and archival storage solutions, you can backup and protect your critical data on physical, virtual, or cloud safely and you can return with zero data loss in unusual cases. You can focus on your business without any interruption with our backup solutions that enable you to backup in a reliable and easy to use way.

Data Archiving

It is important to keep the backed up data in line with archiving policies. Archiving should be backed up with low-cost structures such as physical tape and kept in secure environments outside of the data center. In addition, by using deduplication and compression technologies, more effective and cost advantages can be achieved in data backup.

Virtual and Physical Tape Units

Data protection, access and management in entry level, medium-sized and corporate environments are carried out with virtual and physical tape units in line with the needs of the companies.

For Physical Tape Units, architecture with high compression rates called LTO is preferred. Devices in this architecture can read backups from two generations earlier and write to devices a generation earlier. 

Virtual Tape Units can emulate VTL physical tape units as software and have high compression and deduplication rates. In this way, backups can be kept on physical disks, and faster backup and return is provided.

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