Server Systems Solutions

The consultancy about server solutions to meet the customers’' needs with current technologies, setup, and support services are provided. Solutions that provide added value to the customer are offered with the products of leading manufacturers in their fields.

Traditional Server Architectures

In this architecture, resources (processor, memory, disk) are designed to be on the device.

Tower-type servers are designed for areas without cooling and cabinet space.

Rack-type servers are the design used in data centers and system rooms.

Blade-type servers are the design that enables the redundant server to be taken over in matters such as reducing cost and malfunction.

Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Architectures

With the development of software, the features on Blade servers in the past have emerged first with converged infrastructures and then with Hyper-Converged solutions.

Converged infrastructure architectures are the combination of server, storage unit, and network devices in a virtualization environment under a manufacturer reference architecture, providing easy setup, management, and support features. They have business continuity and advanced recovery features. 

Hyper-Converged Systems (HCI) are systems that allow you to collect, manage and report the layers such as a server, data storage, backup, virtualization, and network that you need to manage in your data center on a single structure. 

A simple architecture instead of an independent server, storage, and network layers.

Possibility to manage storage, network, and computer interface from a single screen.

High performance and high-speed thanks to Flash supported architecture.

Flexible architecture with possibilities to expand your infrastructure horizontally and vertically. 

Reliable architecture with redundant and self-healing technological infrastructure.

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