Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Business Continuity

In case of extraordinary situations such as an earthquake, flood, lightning, server or other hardware failure, power or internet outage, critical personnel leaving his/her job, etc., the situation that organizations overcome their critical activities with very little losses and be ready for the moment of crisis is called Business Continuity. Business Continuity is the ability of organizations, institutions, and organizations to carry out their value-creating activities at a predetermined level in case of any disaster, crisis, or disaster.  When an institution with a Business Continuity system faces disasters such as Earthquake, Flood, Fire, Technological Hardware loss, software crash, personal errors, etc., it overcomes the crisis in cold blood in line with the crisis management plans, business continuity plans. Situations reducing the reputation and that will destroy both organizational trust and brand value are professionally prevented.

Disaster Recovery

You should always protect your data and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your systems for your business continuity. Besides, local problems and infrastructure failures that may arise can lead organizations to irreversible disasters. In this way, the method of keeping your data in more than one data center against problems affecting a single region or irreversible malfunctions that may occur in production environments is called Disaster Recovery. Disaster Recovery is the service of copying all systems and information in a data center in a different location in order to ensure that your critical business applications run uninterrupted or be returned as soon as possible.

Cluster Solutions

Cluster solution can be evaluated under two separate subtitles: hardware and software. On the hardware side, hardware manufacturers produce solutions that are suitable for cluster installation, reliable, high performance, and minimum service time, while on the software side, solutions are produced that are suitable for the environment used by the companies and manage the existing cluster hardware. By combining these two solutions, the working time of the systems that need to work 24x7 can be maximized. Cluster systems can offer solutions on the basis of application, virtualization platform, or operating system role.

Replication Solutions

In case of a disaster, it is a very important operation requirement to activate the systems in different locations as soon as possible and ensure business continuity. Replication solutions enable the storage of a copy of the existing infrastructure in a different location by continuously transferring/updating data.

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