Endpoint, Mail/Web Gateway Solutions

Endpoint Security Solutions (Endpoint) is to evaluate the security weaknesses of corporate networks, speed up the risk prioritization process, and respond to threats at all endpoints.

Endpoint solutions provide comprehensive endpoint security solutions to detect and stop advanced threats before they cause damage.

Endpoint security solutions help you in the following subjects:

- It protects your data and business process continuity from the most valuable business assets

- It protects user productivity with performance-optimized security designed to not disrupt daily activities

- It provides enhanced protection against spyware from the moment a threat is detected until security patches are applied.

E-Mail Gateway is a software solution positioned between the server of the institutions and the outside world (internet). E-Mail Gateway checks incoming and outgoing e-mails of companies, scans or reports content such as virus, spam, phishing, ransomware, cryptolocker, BEC, controls and reports whether they are working in accordance with the company's communication policies. With this solution, that you can provide a clean mail exchange, you can perform your mail exchange in a healthy way and you do not have to struggle with registrations.

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