Storage SAN / NAS Solutions

Storage and protection of company data is vital. Correct storage of data in our IT systems, which consists of many servers, prevents the emergence of troublesome problems for companies in re-accessing data, recovery in case of disaster, and cost points. Correct storage of data is the first step of re-accessing data. Consultancy, setup, and technical support services are provided at all levels for data storage and backup solutions in line with customers' needs.

Traditional Storage Products

Traditional storage units are briefly connected with the following protocols:

Network Attach Storage (NAS): It is a system connected to your corporate network, accessible by devices on the network, storing the data sent and providing access to this data, having an embedded operating system and finally based on the client/server relationship in classical server systems.

Storage Area Network (SAN): It is a high-speed network with shared storage units. All storage devices on the LAN or WAN are available to the whole network with SAN technology. More storage devices can be added to the network and offered to the storage units in the network.

Object-Based Storage

Object Storage is a data storage method that does not have hierarchy and is generally used in the cloud. Each object occupies the same level in a flat address space called a storage space, and one object cannot be placed inside another.

Object storage is generally compared to parking of a car by the valet in a luxury restaurant. When using the valet parking service, customers give their car keys in return for a receipt. The customer will not know where her/his car was parked or how many times a staff had moved the car while she/he was eating. According to this analogy, the unique identifier of a storage object represents the customer receipt.

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